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What is the 5 Minute Nose Job™?

 How is the 5 Minute Nose Job performed?

Is the 5 Minute Nose Job™ safe?

What Kinds of Noses can the 5 Minute Nose Job™ Treat?
How is the 5 Minute Nose Job performed?

Your physician, or injection professional will deliver some anesthesia to your nose in the form of A topical "numbing cream" and/or injected local anesthesia. Although injecting the local anesthesia can be uncomfortable, it makes your actual "5 minute nose job" painless.

Once there is anesthesia to the nose the soft tissue filler (perlane, restylane and juvederm are most common) is injected into those areas of the nose that will provide enhanced nasal contour and shape.

Small support tapes may be placed on the nose for the first 24hours. Post treatment pain is modest And bruising and swelling can be minimal to modest.

The nose usually looks good immediately, but there is modest degree of swelling and bruising fro 24-48 hours.

Most patients can return to work the next day with make up on.

Depending upon the gel that is used to inject the nose, the results can last up to one year You may then perform another injection rhinoplasty or proceed to a surgical nose job.

Can I combine my 5 Minute Nose Job™ with other procedures.?

Yes, the 5 Minute Nose Job goes well with the VolumaLift, where the injection Volumization of the cheeks, chin and under eyes may further enhance the appearance Of the nose and the nasofacial balance. Botox , FotoFacial photorejuvenation (for vessels Around the nose, lip augmentation and other skin enhancement procedures may be combined On the same, or separate time. Of course, once the gel has left, a formal surgical rhinoplasty can be performed.