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 What is the 5 Minute Nose Job™?

How is the 5 Minute Nose Job performed?

Is the 5 Minute Nose Job™ safe?

What Kinds of Noses can the 5 Minute Nose Job™ Treat?
What is the 5 Minute Nose Job?

The 5 Minute Nose Job™ is a soft tissue injection procedure that is designed to create a more shapely, balanced and attractive shape to the nose and nasofacial proportion. This enhanced nasal shape is achieved through the injection of soft tissue fillers into precise locations to create shapes, angles and contours that were absent or compromised. As the name implies, the "5 minute Nose Job " is an injection rhinoplasty.

What is an Attractive Nose?

Attractive noses can take on many sizes and shapes. Generally, an attractive nose occupies a A proportional space in the middle third of the face and should neither dominate nor minimize Its presence. The bridge is often straight, or close to it, the tip neither too wide, nor too pinched, Nor too projected nor too close the face. The nostrils are not too flared, nor too pinched and the That base of the nose takes off from the face in a narrow range of attractive angles.